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Sunday, December 10, 2023

White Sox Humber Throws Perfect Game


Seattle—White Sox pitcher Philip Humber threw the 21st perfect game in Major League history! The White Sox defeated the Mariners 4-0 Saturday afternoon. The game ended on a throw to first base after the first 3-2 pitch was fouled back. Humber did not have a 3-ball count until the ninth inning.

This is the third perfect game in White Sox franchise history and the first since July 2009.  Congrats White Sox!

FYI: PN was watching the thrilling end to the White Sox – Mariners game without knowledge of the difference between a No Hitter and a Perfect Game—and no time to look it up prior to heading over to Cuisine for a Cause at Tellabs.

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While at Cuisine for a Cause, we were fortunate to run into State Rep. Mike Connelly and we figured he’d have the answer—and he did.

During a No Hitter the pitcher cannot give up a hit, but can walk a batter, hit a batter, and a fielder can make an error, explained Connelly, noting his daughter had asked the same question. In a Perfect Game, he continued, the pitcher for one team prevents every batter from reaching first base for the entire game. In other words, all 27 batters that come up to bat must get out.


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