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City Will Change Garbage Collection Cart Sales Beginning May 1


Beginning May 1, All Carts Will Be Either Be Picked Up at the Public Works Service Center Or Delivered to Residents

The City of Naperville has announced that effective May 1, 2012, a change will be implemented in the way the garbage collection carts program is sold. These carts will be available for pick up at the Public Works Service Center (PWSC), 180 Fort Hill Drive, or delivery to a resident’s homes only.

Since the opening of the PWSC in October 2008, carts were available for pick up at either the Municipal Center or the PWSC. In 2008, approximately 70 percent of all garbage carts were actually sold at the Municipal Center. Since that time cart pick-ups at the Municipal Center have decreased significantly and pick-ups at the PWSC and home deliveries have increased.

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“As residents move more toward home delivery and visiting the Public Works Service Center, this will allow the Municipal Center cashiers to focus on the many other services we provide to residents,” Finance Director Karen DeAngelis said. “In addition, this allows the garbage cart inventory to be better controlled from one location. This change was made after careful consideration and evaluation of garbage cart sale data.”

Under the City’s voluntary garbage collection cart program, residents have their choice of purchasing a 32-gallon (two bags, $43), 68-gallon (four bags, $57) or 95-gallon (six bags, $63) cart. Delivery is available for an additional $10 fee.

For complete program information, or to purchase your garbage cart for home delivery, visit www.naperville.il.us/garbagecarts.aspx.


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