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Hurray! Naperville Offers Great Places to Volunteer Outdoors!


The upcoming seasons will offer many times to volunteer in local parks for spruce ups, concerts, walks and runs

Be sure to visit the page that links too many of PN’s favorite annual events posted under the “Community Calendar” listing on this Web site. Many of the events in this community are organized by nonprofit groups with the much-welcomed need and support of volunteers. Thanks to all!

It’s been our goal the past of few months to reorganize all the calendars, events and other happenings for better and easier navigation throughout the content on this Web site.

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Thanks to all readers for your feedback and input—especially with the idea of the drop down under the categories along the navigation bar . Our new Web master and consultant have tried to be responsive to your suggestions (and PN’s old-fashioned ways) as they’ve moved this Web site into the new age of  “smart” phones and pad platforms.

Riverwalk Spring Spruce Up is Saturday morning

In the meantime, remember from 9AM to noon this Sat., April 21,  is the annual Riverwalk  Spring Spruce Up, weather permitting.  Simply show up and check in for an assignment by the Dandelion Fountain at Webster and Jackson. Work gloves might be handy.

Families, scout groups and other organizations with adult leadership are welcome to help spread mulch and pick up litter to ready the winding brick path for all the activities, carillon concerts, art shows and weddings planned along our city’s natural treasure during the upcoming seasons.

Thanks to the Riverwalk Foundation for initiating the annual Riverwalk Spring Spruce up in partnership with the Naperville Park District at the turn of the new millennium.  And thanks to the  Naperville Park District, Naperville Community Gardeners, volunteers and all the crews for keeping it going for the past decade.

Thanks to all who help keep the Riverwalk beautiful around the clock by using the the trash containers; never feeding the ducks, geese and other wildlife; and picking up after your dogs.

Remember, the Riverwalk is for walkers and runners only.  The only wheeled vehicles allowed are strollers.  Bicycles and skate boards are not permitted on the Riverwalk. Thanks for knowing and following the rules.

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