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Shaker Oval Boxes Made in Naperville


These stylish boxes are made right here in Naperville

Shaker oval boxes are America’s original storage container and wedding gift.   They may be  used to store just about anything.  Finished with natural beeswax, they are food friendly and were first utilized to store coffee, sugar, and tea.  They look handsome atop coffee tables, nightstands, and make excellent boxes for keepsakes and heirloom knickknacks. Fancier woods and grain patterns may be lined with felt to store jewelry and precious items.

Shaker Oval Boxes are bent with a warm water bath and secured with copper tacks.  The shakers would procure copper tacks from the local shoe cobbler and often used their creations as currency to barter with merchants.  No glue is used in the construction allowing the wood to expand and contract with the weather.

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First crafted in Shaker Villages out East, their motto was hands to work and hearts to God. The Shakers were quite the entrepreneurs and their designs were based on the simplicity of nature.  If cared for, the boxes will last a hundred years or more. The swallowtail design and construction is extremely sturdy and no glue is used allowing the wood to expand and contract with the weather.

They are available for purchase at Anderson’s Two Doors East in downtown Naperville.  They come in many sizes, hardwoods, colors and make the perfect local gift.  Visit www.creativewoodgoods.blogspot.com for more info.

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