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Naper Settlement Closed for Construction April 2


Naper Settlement will be closed on Monday, April 2 for construction work on one of its buildings known as the Annex.

The Annex  is seldom pictured since the 20th century building was built later than the historic interpretation  of the other structures located in Naper Settlement. It’s long been a staff building, housing the public relations and marketing folks. If you exit the Pre-Emption House at right or Century Memorial Chapel in the distance, you’ll see the Annex in close proximity.  The stone Blacksmith Shop also pictured here  is just southeast of the Annex.

The work involves removing the existing shingle-style siding, which is referred to as “transite” siding. Due to the age of the building, the siding was tested for asbestos. The type of asbestos contained in the siding is called non-friable asbestos. This means that it cannot be crumbled or pulverized by hand and is bonded into the fiber cement composition of the shingle. There is a low probability of releasing fibers into the air because of the bonding process.

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Under the direction of general contractor Wight & Co.’s Environmental Services Group, Universal Asbestos Removal, Inc. will do the removal and abatement of the shingles.

“Wight & Company Environmental Services Group has more than 25 years of experience in safely managing all types of asbestos abatement projects schools, recreation centers and other public and private buildings,” said Roger Genschoreck, Senior Project Manager, Wight & Co. “The siding abatement will be performed by Universal Asbestos Removal, which has over 20 years experience in this field. This combination will provide the best quality and safety available to complete the removal of the siding at Naper Settlement.”

Although it is not required, Naper Settlement will be closed to visitors, volunteers and staff members while the work is being completed. The museum will reopen on Tuesday, April 3. In the event of inclement weather, a rain date of April 9 is planned and the museum would be closed for the duration of that day.

For more information, contact Donna DeFalco, Marketing and Sales Representative at (630) 305-5250.

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