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Open Letter to District 204 Community & Beyond


Superintendent Kathy Birkett encourages citizens to watch budget discussion on Power Point or www.204tv.org

At Monday night’s board of education meeting, we continued our budget discussions. Included in the conversation was an interesting comparison of our revenues and expenses relative to state and DuPage county averages. Because of the way state funding is structured, District 204 receives $68 million less in revenue than the average district in Illinois, and $84 million less in revenue than the average DuPage county school district. This is because wealthier districts receive significantly more in property taxes and less wealthy districts receive significantly more state and federal funds. Our district is not at either end of the spectrum, but somewhere in the middle, so we don’t receive the same level of support from these funding sources.

I invite you to view the PowerPoint from Monday (March 12, 2012) night’s meeting or watch the video on 204tv.org.


Kathy Birkett, Superintendent

Received March 13, 2012

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