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Vintage Baseball in Naperville!


To Naperville Nostalgia

via Bryan Ogg, Curator of Research at Naper Settlement:

Another job for the  special set of skills at Naper Nostalgia.   At right is a picture of a Naperville baseball team that I would date around 1911. Is there anyone in Naperville that  could identify the members of this team?

The player with the (red arrow) “Dad” written over his name is Xen Berry, and it was his son Ken who had a larger framed version of this same picture in his house, which leads me to believe that everyone on that team had this same picture, and since it may have been an all star team of sorts, maybe the original might just be in an historical society around town.  If not, just put it in a file somewhere at the Naper Settlement, I’ll be sending another picture of his son Ken with a town team from the 1930’s, to go along the 1901 town football and baseball team pictures I sent last year.

This one will be harder because every time I tried to enlarge the picture, it wound up distorted. All I know is that it’s a Naperville town team from the early 1930’s and that Ken Berry is the only one identified. There might be someone in Naperville who can identify the other members of this team – being as it is, a thin slice of  Naperville history.


Vintage baseball team #2This is the year Ken Berry, whose mother was my grandfather’s sister, would have turned 100, and there he is in that picture with his whole life in front of him. His father worked for Kroehler’s, and Ken was a lawyer in Washington DC who played on several National AAU softball teams, but his claim to fame for me anyway, was hitting a home run at the age of 82, while playing on a slow pitch team of twenty year olds.

—Don McCabe, Avon, IL

Submitted Feb. 2, 2012


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