Above / During the public open house focused on the East Ogden Corridor, staff also will discuss with property owners’ interest and support for a public/private partnership to fund improvements. 

UPDATE, Oct. 10, 2017 / An Open House hosted by the City of Naperville, Naperville Development Partnership and the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce began at 9AM Tues., Oct. 10.

At 1:30PM, organizers reported a steady stream of interested business and property owners as well as residents seeking information about proposed streetscape enhancements for the East Ogden Corridor.

Find the open house to your right as you enter Iroquois Center from Ogden Avenue, Suite #709. The day-long open house continues until 7PM.

Attendees were asked to fill out an opinion card with questions and comments about the before-and-after features depicted in the renderings.  The tabletop presentation included posters with the proposed streetscape improvements, gateway concepts, welcome and wayfinding signs, streetlights, banner identifiers, landscaping and buried utility lines, just for starters.

One poster featured a graphic of how to fund the proposed projects via an East Ogden SSA (Special Service Area) assessment in partnership with the City of Naperville. Cost estimates are projected at slightly more than $4.7 million to complete the enhancements all in one phase.

A streetscape pictured in a rendering for proposed landscape upgrades at the corner of Ogden and Columbia featured a large shiny “N,” one of the attractive ways that could help brand the location so motorists recognize they’re in Naperville along that portion of Ogden, organizers said.

In a light-hearted moment, a visitor asked, “What’s the N stand for?”

And Dick Dublinski, Director of Public Works, quickly quipped, “Knowledge.”

Anyone unable to take advantage of this open opportunity to provide public input is encouraged to send comments and/or questions about the enhancement initiative and its costs to NDP@naper.org.

Above / Members of City staff from the Transportation, Engineering and Development team were available to answer questions and listen to comments at the open house.

Original Post / NAPERVILLE, Ill. — An open house on October 10 will introduce proposed streetscape improvements for the East Ogden Avenue Corridor to property owners, tenants and other interested individuals and engage attendees in a discussion of potential funding options for the improvements.

Open House 9AM-7PM Tues., Oct. 10 at Iroquois Center

Iroquois Center, 1163 E. Ogden, Suite #709

The open house, which is hosted by the City of Naperville, the Naperville Development Partnership and the Naperville Area Chamber of Commerce, will be held from 9AM to 7PM on Tues., Oct. 10, at the Iroquois Center, 1163 E. Ogden, Suite #709, in Naperville.

The proposed streetscape improvements are part of the larger Ogden Avenue Corridor Enhancement Initiative, which was adopted by City Council in 2008 to increase the economic viability, improve the sustainability and enhance the character of the corridor, which stretches from Washington Street to the City’s eastern boundary.

Road work in progress along Ogden Ave.

The City has completed a number of action items identified in the plan since its approval in 2008, including the adoption of necessary municipal code and zoning amendments, creation of an enhancement initiative to encourage private property improvements, and the installation of new pedestrian signals, ADA intersection improvements, parkway trees and sidewalk sections to eliminate gaps.

The proposed streetscape improvements include burying overhead utility lines, upgrading roadway lighting, installing bus shelters and enhancing major intersections identified as “gateways” to the corridor, among other projects.

At the open house, City staff will also address potential funding sources, specifically gauging property owner interest in a public-private partnership through use of a special service area (SSA) to pay for a portion of the improvements.

Questions about the open house can be sent to NDP@naper.org.

Story submitted by Kelley Munch, Communications Specialist for the City of Naperville. (PN Photos, Updated Oct. 9, 2017)

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