Above / All college freshmen and their parents are encouraged to attend a safety class at 7PM on Wed., July 26, at the Naperville Police Department, 1350 Aurora Ave.

Since kindergarten, McGruff the Crime Dog has been teaching local students that keeping the community safe is everybody’s responsibility. Everyone can help “take a bite out of crime.” A special program will be offered on July 26 with more good advice as students head for college.

NAPERVILLE, Ill. — As many new college freshman prepare for “move-in” day on college campuses across the nation, the Naperville Police Department wants to be sure that parents are sending their young adults off safely. For this reason, the Department is offering a presentation at 7PM  on Wednesday, July 26, titled, “Safety for the College Bound Student,” and encourages all upcoming college freshmen and their parents to attend.

No registration is required for this class, which will be held at the Naperville Police Department, 1350 Aurora Ave.

Crime Prevention Specialist Mary Browning states, “This is a great opportunity to learn how to be safe while on campus and away from home. We live in a very safe community and because of that our children can develop a false sense of security. This class will help students learn strong crime prevention strategies and also make them aware of some of the dangers of campus life and how to safeguard themselves.”

The presentation has two distinct areas of focus. The first part of the program will educate students and parents about drugs, alcohol and the law.

Browning states, “Students may be subjected to temptations and challenges that they haven’t yet been taught how to deal with. This class will talk frankly about making choices and understanding what the consequences may be; legally, personally and academically.”

The second portion of the presentation will concentrate on personal safety. Browning said the Department wants students to start their college careers armed with the necessary knowledge and skills to keep themselves and their property safe.

She added, “We want students to learn how to protect themselves and to know how to avoid being a victim of crime.”

For more information, contact Crime Prevention Specialist Mary Browning at (630) 420-6731.

Story submitted by Sgt. Steven J. Schindlbeck, Special Events and Community Relations, Naperville Police Department.

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