Above / Watch Good Morning, America, on Fri., April 21, for an 8:15AM interview by ABC News Correspondent Linzie Janis with PN Columnist Joey Rosenbloom during Autism Awareness month.  (Photo courtesy Sharon Rosenbloom)

UPDATE, April 21, 2017 / From Sharon Rosenbloom: Good Morning America bumped our story to next week! Will keep you posted and thanks to everyone who set their DVR’s!

Original Post / Last Monday, Positively Naperville was notified that contributing columnist Joey Rosenbloom was scheduled on Tuesday for an interview with news correspondent Linzie Janis from Good Morning, America, the weekday show that airs on ABC7 from 7-9AM. Since 1975, GMA has featured a combination of breaking news, human interest stories and weather from across the nation and the world.

Back in 2016, Rosenbloom, then age 26, contributed his written words to the newsletter for the Turning Pointe Autism Foundation. That association led to his writing a column titled “Journey with Autism,” insights appearing in print every month and saved online in the www.positivelynaperville.com archive. When he first introduced himself to PN readers in July 2016, he said he hoped his words would “portray what my eyes see and what I feel.”

Rosenbloom also expressed his enthusiasm to interview other community activists in and out of the world of Autism to connect with all types of individuals.

“Kind readers,” he wrote, “It is a privilege giving me your time. I pave a path into the world inside the head and heart of a man with Autism.”

Today, Rosenbloom continues to share his experiences and challenges every month in print and online for PN. More and more, readers have provided feedback about a new understanding for the puzzle that falls on autism spectrum, different for every individual who lives with it.

Late Thursday, Sharon Rosenbloom, Joey’s mother, said her son’s interview is expected to air at 8:15AM on Fri., April 21.

If breaking news preempts his segment, PN will try to find the new time when the interview will be broadcast.

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