Forward on the front of minds looking into the future, many people are becoming concerned about the most critical crisis on Earth, the fate of refugees.

The historical few who made the journeys to our American door and were turned away met a fate that is a most horrible mark on our country’s conscience. Those many lined up to go through Ellis Island knew pain and fear as they left the only home they ever knew. They got here on boats filled to capacity with others yearning for freedom from suffering and the promise of a life, looking up at the statue, that would bring them liberty.

Were these people different than the many Americans living here already? And were those living here also different than those who had been here long before them? Who in this country can claim they aren’t here because their ancestors arrived from the farthest corners of the globe?

I’m certain that right now there are millions of men, women and children judging our country as the promise land, as all who came freely always have. People who say “America first” may want to remember, looking back, that they would not be here unless America meant salvation for all searching for a better life.

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