Above / In the great big whole wide world, “All politics is local,” said the former Speaker of the United States House of Representatives Tip O’Neill, who is among many individuals credited with using the expression. 



The first five hopefuls to turn in their petition packets for a City Council run were Julie Berkowitz, John Krummen, Mike Isaac, Judy Brodhead and Kevin Coyne.

UPDATE, Nov. 28, 2016 / For starters, five hopefuls were in line before 8AM on Nov. 21 to turn in their petition packets to run for one of the four 4-year seats up for election on the Naperville City Council.

Newcomers Julie Berkowicz and Mike Isaac joined Councilman Judy Brodhead, Councilman John Krummen and Councilman Kevin Coyne. And they’re off and running.

By the end of the filing period at 5PM Nov. 28, three additional hopefuls—Kevin M. Gallaher, Mike Strick and Benny White— had thrown their hats in the ring.


Mike Strick and Benny White are pictured a few minutes after the 5PM deadline to run for City Council. Kevin Gallaher filed earlier in the afternoon and was not available for the end-of-filing photo.

Earlier Post / It’s time to consider local governing taxing bodies that need dedicated and qualified residents to fill 4-year terms available in the Consolidated Election on April 4, 2017.

Perhaps already you have been signing petitions to help hopefuls get on the spring ballot.

Perhaps you didn’t realize petition packets are still available for folks who want to throw their hats into the ring.

The Naperville community seeks responsible women and men with a variety of skills to serve, approve budgets and set local public policy that impact the quality of life every day.

Help spread the word so the community can experience a healthy campaign with knowledgeable candidates to keep this city moving forward.  While recent history demonstrates the City Council typically attracts many candidates, the field of hopefuls that runs for the Naperville Park Board of Commissioners and two school boards that serve Naperville residents often offers few choices.

Thanks to all who serve and consider serving.

Run to serve Naperville City Council

city-hall-june-2016Interested to serve on City Council? Municipal election petitions for candidacy became available Tuesday, August 30. Four 4-year terms are up for election.

The filing period for packets begins November 21, 2016, and ends November 28 for the April 4, 2017, election. (No filing Saturday or Sunday)

 City of Naperville – Current Officials
Naperville Municipal Center / 400 S. Eagle Street 
City Manager Doug Krieger
Mayor Steve Chirico
City Council
Meets first & third Tuesdays most months, 7 PM (Check to confirm date and time.) Naperville City Council Chambers Municipal Center, 400 S. Eagle St. Naperville City Council meetings are televised live on Channel 6 (Wide Open West) and Channel 10 (Comcast)
City Council Members: Judy Brodhead*, Paul Hinterlong, John Krummen*, Kevin Coyne*, Patty Gustin, Rebecca Obarski, Becky Anderson, and Kevin Gallaher*.
*Term ends 2017 / All other terms end 2019.
It appears the City Council will be competitive. Time will tell.
Since 1969, the City of Naperville has governed as a Council/Manager form of government. Note also that beginning in 2015, the Naperville City Council has 4-year term limits. From now on, members are limited to three terms. 

Run to serve Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners

centennial-beachInterested to serve on the Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners? Park board petition packets for candidacy became available for pick up on September 16. Four 4-year terms are up for election.

The filing period for packets runs Dec. 12-19, 2016, for the April 4, 2017, election.

Naperville Park District – Current Officials
Naperville Park District / 320 West Jackson / (630) 848-5000
Executive Director Ray McGury
Naperville Park District Board of Commissioners: President Rich Janor, Mike Reilly*, Kirstin Young*, Bill Eagan*, Gerry Heide*, Jim Ensign and Marie Todd. *Term ends 2017 / All other terms end 2019.
It appears two empty seats will be open for election on the Board of Commissioners.
Since 1966, the Naperville Park District has served the Naperville community.

Run to serve local Boards of Education

education_schoolInterested to serve on 203 or 204 School Boards of Education?  School board election petitions for candidacy became available online via the DuPage County Board of Elections on September 23.

Five seats will be filled in School District 203, four of which are 4-year terms. One hopeful will fill the remaining two years of a recent resignation.

Four 4-year terms are up for election in District 204.

The filing period for packets runs Dec. 15-22, 2016, for the April 4, 2017, election.

Alert! Alert! Alert! Since the 2014 Consolidated Election, school board hopefuls have been directed to the county.

Individuals who wish to run to serve on local school boards in Illinois now will find the nominating petition packets at the county board of election instead of their local school administration office.

According to the State of Illinois Local Election Official’s Handbook for the 2013 Consolidated Elections issued by the State Board of Elections, “candidates for the office of: (1) regional school trustee file with the county clerk if single county, or with the State Board of Elections if multi-county and (2) township school trustee (Cook County only) file with the township school treasurer (105 ILCS 5/5-4, 6-10). PA 98-115 effective July 29, 2013; candidates for school director and members of the board of education file with the county clerk or the county board of election commissioners, as the case may be, of the county in which the principal office of the school district is located (105 ILCS 5/9-10).”

In other words, a 2013 state law change makes this the second time school board candidates must pick up and file their nominating petitions with the county clerk at the DuPage County Election Commission since the principal offices of both School Districts 203 and 204 are located in DuPage County. In the past, petition packets were advertised and available for pick up and filing at local school districts.

School District 203 – Current Officials
Dan Bridges, Superintendent of Naperville School District 203.
Send comments to members of the School District 203 Board of Education: President Mike Jaensch, Terry Fielden, Jackie Romberg*,  Susan Crotty*, Kristin Fitzgerald*, Donna Wandke* and Charles Cush*.  (One seat left vacant by Suzyn Price was filled in June by Charles Cush*.)  http://www.naperville203.org/board/Members.asp  *Term ends 2017 / All other terms end 2019.
Send comments to administrators of School District 203 & Superintendent Dan Bridges at http://www.naperville203.org/contacts/comment-form.asp
Established in 1972 through the merger of elementary and high school districts, Naperville School District 203 includes Naper School, the city’s first school built as Naper Academy in 1852.
School District 204 – Current Officials
Dr. Karen Sullivan, Superintendent of Indian Prairie School District 204. 
Send comments to members of the School District 204 Board of Education: President Lori Price, Cathy Piehl*, Mark Rising,  Benjamin White*, Mike Raczak*, Maria Curry*, and Justin Karubas at board-members@ipsd.org.   *Term ends 2017 / All other terms end 2019.
Send comments to administrators of School District 204 & Superintendent Dr. Karen Sullivan at 204-info@ipsd.org.
It appears two empty seats will be open for election on the District 204 School Board.
Established in 1972, Indian Prairie School District 204 first educated K-8th graders in its four original schools: Wheatland, Indian Plains, the original Granger and Longwood.  High school students attended NCHS and NNHS until the completion of Waubonsie Valley High School in 1975.

More details about other local governing bodies coming soon.


voteMeanwhile, click here to get to know all the candidates on the Nov. 8 ballot and the results.

Thanks for being an informed voter.

One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.   —Plato

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