daisypetswebI spend every day around “animal people.” I can tell you that I’ve learned a thing or two about them over 20 years. Animal people come in all shapes and sizes and quite often will not match your expectations. It’s not about socioeconomics, it’s not about a gruff exterior; rather, it’s about an animal that has reached inside them and made a connection.

I know hardened Vietnam Marine Veterans that melt over their dog. Another over their cat. I know incredibly wealthy folks who love their bearded dragon.

They’re in the store every third day to buy crickets for “the silly thing.”

There are folks who could barely scrape up the money to purchase a guinea pig and supplies who have become like family at the store over the love of that little guy.

My favorite are the men who complain about their dog and how much trouble it is and how difficult it is and how they never should have taken it home. They tell me this every week while they are in to purchase $50 of dog treats for their dog. It is true love.

People connect with all kinds of animals. Dogs and cats are obvious. Furry things like hamsters and guinea pigs, too. I’m a big fan of rats! Anyone who’s ever had one as a pet will tell you that they get to you. Lots of folks fall for snakes, lizards and even bugs.

Animal owners also happen to be the kindest people on the planet. They seem to be in tune with the needs of others—always giving to help out a dog, cat or person in need. If I put out the call for donations for a rescue partner, look out, the response is mind blowing. This is a true community of caring individuals. Animals connect us as a community of like-minded people. We understand what we owe back.

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